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Datum: So, 16. Mär 2003 17:29:39 Europe/Berlin
An: File

FROM:- The Desk of PRINCE YONNE ALUAYE(Executive director and financial controller. NNPC)


Dear Friend,

I PRINCE YONNE ALUAYE,the financial controller of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and by that virtue a Director in the NNPC, Lagos.

I got your contact address during my private search on the net and I decided to propose to you this business in strict confidence on behalf of myself and my colleagues who is ministerial official and other officers in charge of offshore remittance in this corporation. We are seeking your assistance for the tranfer of Twenty Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only ($25,500,000.00), to your account for further private investment purpose.

Hence our request for your assistance. This amount to be transferred into your account accrued from over-invoiced contract amount for the construction of Oil Refinery sub-stations in Nigeria (Northern and Southern Region) in 2000 to expatriate companies. The contract which was originally valued for One Hundred and Twenty Eight Million, Five Hundred Thousand Dollars (US$128,500,000.00) was manipulated to read One Hundred and Fifty Four Million United States Dollars (US$154,000,000.00). This contract has been completely executed and the contractors had been paid all thier contract bills remaining the US$25,500,000.00 USD.

What we expected from you in your response mail are: Your name and address, your phone and fax numbers for easy communications. You shall arrange for us to meet with you immediately after we secure the government approvals of the fund. We have resolved that you take 30% of the total amount for your assistance because it is impossible for us to claim the contract over-invoiced money here in Nigeria without your assistance. In addition,10% has been mapped out for any miscellaneous expenses incurred by you and us during this business. And 60% is for my colleagues and myself. All modalities to effect the payment and subsequent tranfer of this money has worked out, so this transaction is 100% RISK FREE. Though, you are required to treat this business with strictest confidence.

I wait your immediate response through my E-MAIL address for now on my attention and send me your confidential telephone and fax for speedy correspondence. I will highly appreciate it if you treat this business with strict confidence it demands for security reasons.

It will surprise you why we choose you and trusted you with this transaction. Yes, we believe that good friends can be discovered and business like this cannot be realised without trust. This is why we have decided to trust you for this transaction. We are looking forward to doing this transaction with you. Be further informed that your interest and security had been considered before you were contacted, so be rest assured and feel free to go into this transaction with us but let honestly and trust be our watchword throughout this transaction and your prompt reply will

be highly appreciated.


Best Regards.



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