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Datum: Mi, 12. Mär 2003 18:49:33 Europe/Berlin
Betreff: Mail From DR. MOHAMMED AIDEED
Antwort an:

From Dr Mohammed Aideed
African Refugees Foundation
Liason Office
F13 Rue de Khenou
Lome Togo


I know you will be surprised to receive this e-mail from me. Anyway let me first introduce myself. I'm Dr Mohammed Aideed. I'm a Somali, and presently I live in Lome. Before the unfortunate civil war that tore my country apart in the 1990's, I was an industrialist with interests in chemicals and pharmaceutical sector of our economy.

But unfortunately my factories were all destroyed during the conflict in my country. I used to be the president of the Somali Chamber of commerce and industries between 1987 and 1990.

That body do no longer exist as victually all industrial concerns in Somali were destroyed during the war and those that survived that conflict have all ceased to operate because of the severe economic situation in Somali now.

The purpose of this correspondence to you is to seek your help in resolving a personal problem I have found myself.

You see, before the outbreak of the civil war that destroyed my country, I was fortunate enough to transfer most of my personal and family fortune out of Somali.

This I deposited with a security company in Europe for safekeeping. I did not deposit this money with a bank in Europe or invest it in stocks and bonds because I was sceptical about surviving the conflict and I did not want to create a knotty legal problem for my heirs as most Western Banking Institutions would put a lot of legal obstacles on the path of any claimant from my family that would come forward to claim the money.

So I left it with a security company in Europe for a period of ten years after which I would come forward to collect it. That was in October 1990. Ten years have elapsed since then, and that is why I'm seeking your help now.

The diplomatic passport I was issued when I was serving as a Minister for Health of my country between 1988 and 1990 have elapsed and there is no bureacracy anymore in Somali to issue me with a new one, so I cannot travel to Europe presently as I do not have traveling documents.Again I do not have the funds to embark on such a trip now.

I got your contacts when I was browsing through the internet in search of a trustworthy fellow that will assist me to secure this funds.It was indeed an experience to me as I have not been used to the internet because there was none in Somalia before we left.

So what I want you to do for me is help me secure funds this from the Security Company in Europe and help me in investing this funds in secure investments in Europe.

I would pay you handsomely for your efforts and you would also be entitled to thirty percent of the profits that would accrue from the funds you will invest in stocks for me.

Please if its possible for you to be of help to me reply with this e-mail address so I can explain further to you.

Please treat this correspondence with the utmost confidentiality.

Yours faithfully,



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