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I got your contact from a director at the Nigerian Chambers of Commerce (Foreign Trade Division) who gave me your contact from their trade catalogue. He does not however know the nature of what I want to introduce to you. I only told him I needed a foreign partner for investment purposes. I therefore decided to contact you to Assist me in the mentioned venture below. I am the second son of General Sanni Abacha, the late Military Head of State of Nigeria.
When my father was alive I used to move funds, in Cash, running into millions of United States Dollars to Brazil, Lebanon and other parts of the world, for Safe keeping on behalf of my father. However, on the eve of my father s death in June 8, 1998, he gave me the sum of US$26,000,000.00 {TWENTY-SIX MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS} in cash to move to Lebanon as usual, But immediately my father died I had to move the funds to a location in Europe through a private organization. This organization is based in Europe and they offer Vault for safe keeping services to many influential and rich African leaders. This organization is actually not listed as it is a deplomatic courier service and they have Other dealings, and as thus I am presently under oath with the secret organization, not to disclose their detail information and their operations to outsiders excepting only for the purpose of collecting my consignment. The organization is also under oath not to open the boxes in the vault for any reason at all and to protect my interest by not disclosing any information about me to any government or individual. This not withstanding, this organization has been very good and there has not been any complains from any quarters about the organization. The funds have been in the vault of this organization in Europe since July 1 998. However, recently we received information from the organization that the Vault is now running on demurrage, and this has been very disturbing to my family, that is why I have decided to communicate to you on behalf of my family immediately, for you to please help us by traveling as quickly as possible to secure the funds from the organization's vault. Due to many restrictions placed on my family by the present Nigerian Government, it has become very impossible for either me or any immediate member of my family to travel to Europe to secure the funds from the organization, I do not as well trust my fellow countrymen at this time who had earlier given information to government concerning my late father's hidden funds, and were therefore frozen and recovered.
I will explain my family situation to you later, if you are interested in knowing.
What I now want you to do for my family and myself are as follows:-
(1) You should travel to secure the funds in cash on my behalf and deposit it in a bank account or your bank account in your country, pending further instructions from my family.
(2) My family will need you to please assist in settling the demurrage on the vault as soon as you arrive there.
(3) My family will be willing to give you 15% of the total $26 million as your commission for your assistance. This amount is however open for negotiation if you feel that 15% will not be enough for you.
(4) As soon as you confirm to me through my email number of your readiness to assist and how quickly you can travel; I will send you a copy of my Power of Attorney which I will also send to the organization authorizing them to allow you direct access to the vault where the boxes containing the funds are deposited, so that you can secure the funds.
(5) It is very important that you understand that the organization does not know those boxes in the vault contains money. All they know is that the boxes in the vault contain art works and jewelry.
(6) As soon as you have the funds in your custody, I will give you details of where and which sector you will invest my family's share of the funds into, on our behalf, in your country.
(7) Please note that this project is very legal and 100% risk free, because the funds in question is private family funds, which are legally deposited at the organization, but you must keep it very secret and confidential because of my personal and family security. Please keep this information a secret for your own and our safety as well.

Please contact me immediately, via my email, informing
me the possibility of your traveling within this month.
Waiting for your immediate response.
Best regards.
Mohammed Abacha


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