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Datum: Fr, 22. Feb. 2002 01:54:07 Europe/Berlin
An: Betreff: save our soul.
Antwort an:

Dear Sir,

I pray this important message meets you in peace, and may the blessing of God be upon you and your family, and also grant you the wisdom to understand my situation and how much I really need your assistance.

I am Mrs. Marriam Abacha, wife of the late and former head of state of Nigeria- General Sani Abacha. Since the strange and unfortunate death of my husband, the government has turned against my family with strange accusations. They have frozen our bank accounts known to them, hoping that we will starve to death.

The government has frozen my husband's account in: City Bank N.A, Saestrasse 25,P.O Box 244,8021, Zurich,Switszerland,A/CNo-0/984225/008{Swiss franc}, Bankers Trust Co .P.O. Box 318, church street station, New York NY10008 USA, A/C no-04-400-984US$, Bankers Trust Company, A/C No 440740071stg pounds, Bankers Trust Int. Plc, Frank fort Branch. Grameburgweg 1660322, Frankfort, Post fach 100345 60003, Frankfort. A/C no 81430015, that runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.

My family is going through hardship, my son is in jail and the remaining ones and myself are under house arrest. The new government under president Olusegun Obasanjo have ceased more than USD620M already and are still ceasing more of acquired anded properties belong to the Abacha family, including our oil company licenses.

All that is remaining now is USD38M and this money has been deposited with a security/investment company in a west African neighboring country which Is hall disclose to you, once I hear from you. And it is not known and cannot bed is covered.

This is where I need your assistance and help. After discussion with my son we concluded on using you to transfer the money to your country for investment purpose this is why we need a foreign partner and your help. Since the money will be transferred in your name and kept under your custody in your country, we shall share in three ways 20% will be used for investment in your country or company, 20% for you, and 60% for family and me. Is this okay?

I also hope you will be trusted and that you won't disappoint us. And also confidentiality is extremely important. This is a cry for help and also risk free contactdetails, my personal assistant and confident Muhammad Tanko will be in a position to detail you on the next line of action for immediate realization of this dream. For security reasons, send reply through my previte e-mailbox.

Thanking you in anticipation Yours Faithfully.

Mariam Abacha.


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